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Following Gentes, Allara and the clan was taken to the moon of Belsus in the Anoat system. Deep within Separatist territory, Grievous used the base as a command post. There, he began to develop the plans he had for the Padawans. Rather than kill the young Jedi, Grievous saw an opportunity. The cyborg general had aspirations to create a group of warriors that merged those strong in the Force with the latest in technology. He developed prototype exoskeletons much like his own, which the Padawans could use as armor. Grievous believed that a warrior such as himself armed with the power of the Force would be unstoppable.

Unfortunately, the procedure would require significant body modifications, such as the removal of organs and certain amputations. Allara and the rest of the Bergruutfa Clan had no idea what Grievous had in store for them. Luckily, but unbeknownst to them, help was on the way. Jedi Knights Flynn Kybo, B'Dard Tone, and Codi Ty heard news of their capture and planned to rescue them during their mission to assassinate Grievous. However, Allara, Banz, Tak-Tak, and the rest of the clan made plans of their own.

Within their cell, Allara led the group in a collective meditation effort to pry open the door to their cell. During the session, they discovered tunnels beneath the cell created by a literal underground resistance movement of Ugnaughts. Following them deep into the bowels of the complex, Allara and the Jedi found themselves on their way to freedom. Unfortunately, when Grievous discovered the Padawans missing, he led the search himself. The general caught up with Allara and the clan just as Flynn Kybo, Master Tone, and Codi Ty arrived as well.

As the trio of Jedi rushed into the caverns, Allara took one last opportunity to best General Grievous again stealing one of his trophy lightsabers. But the girl was simply too young to be effective and again she was bested by him. With the arrival of the Jedi, Kybo and Tone were able to occupy Grievous while Codi Ty hurried Allara and the Padawans off to safety aboard their ship. When Master Tone fell to Grievous' blade during the escape, Codi Ty was overcome with emotion almost wanting to turn back, Allara showed great wisdom that day encouraging Codi Ty to honor his last command by finishing the rescue mission in order that his death was not in vain.

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