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The loss of her Padawan deeply affected the Dark Woman and brought up a number of questions about her training methods and techniques, not only by her, but by other Jedi Masters as well. To answer these questions, the Dark Woman retreated to the remote planet of Cophrigin 5 in search of solitude and answers to her questions. For years she remained there and was presumed missing by the Jedi Order. Eventually An'ya Kuro found the answers she needed and returned to the galaxy proper.

Reappearing on Coruscant, she visited with her old friend Ki-Adi-Mundi, newly appointed to the Jedi Council as he prepared to leave on a mission to Tatooine. Before he left, she met him on the landing platform wishing him luck and warning him of danger as she had had visions of the Dark Side in her dreams. Making her presence once again known, the Dark Woman even got the opportunity to spar with the Jedi student A'Sharad Hett, whom Ki-Adi-Mundi returned with from Tatooine. During their match, An'ya reverted to her old ways provoking and taunting A'Sharad who, to his credit, passed An'ya's test.

In between the Jedi Council's concern of the apparent reemergence of the Sith, An'ya Kuro's past returned to haunt her. With the death of two Jedi Masters in the shadows of the Jedi Temple, it was evident the murderer was none other than Aurra Sing. At the Jedi Council meeting to discuss the matter, An'ya made an appearance despite the fact she was not asked to attend. Expressing her wishes to lead the mission to track and bring Aurra Sing to justice, the Jedi Council denied her request. The masters felt that An'ya's special relationship to Aurra would prove too much of an liability to her and the mission. Instead, Jedi Master's Ki-Adi-Mundi and Adi Gallia, along with Ki-Adi-Mundi's Padawan were chosen to arrest the bounty hunter.

Returning to Cophrigin 5, her planet of solitude, little did the Dark Woman know she would play an important role in the hunt for Aurra Sing. As it happened, Aurra Sing was hired by two exiled Quarren, Tallet and Lekket, who also sought revenge on the Dark Woman. In their dealings with Quarren senator Tikkes, Tallet and Lekket discovered sensitive information concerning Tikkes, whom decided to silence the two. Orchestrating charges, a Republic task force, led by the Dark Woman, infiltrated the Quarren's dwelling and came under fire from the two's bodyguards. During the ensuing firefight, Tallet and Lekket attempted to make their escape, but a deflected blaster bolt by the Dark Woman released acidic gas from a toxic fuel cell.

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