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An'ya Kuro - Page 3

Tallet was severely injured and forever disfigured, seeding his hate and desire for revenge. The two eventually tracked the Dark Woman to Cophrigin 5 and hired Aurra Sing to assassinate her. While this would have ordinarily been just another bounty, Aurra Sing took special pleasure in the prospect of killing not only a Jedi, but the Dark Woman as well. Before Aurra left the system, she got the jump on the Jedi task force, made up of Ki, Adi, and A'Sharad, who had been tracking her. Destroying their ship and leaving them for dead, Aurra proceeded to Cophrigin 5 and her former Master.

Fortunately, the three Jedi managed to make their way to an escape pod before their ship was destroyed and were eventually picked up by none other than Senator Tikkes, on a scouting mission for mining opportunities in the system, and conveniently on Cophrigin 5, although he did not share that information with the Jedi. With the Dark Woman on the planet and Aurra Sing searching for her, Tikkes had the ship set down under the guise of a mechanical malfunction. Once on planet, An'ya could feel the presence of Aurra and the three Jedi as well as vice versa. Meeting with the Jedi in a clearing in the forest, Aurra Sing took the opportunity to set traps, mines, and get the jump on the Jedi and Tikkes' bodyguards.

Managing to take out most of the guards, Aurra led the Dark Woman, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Adi Gallia on a chase through the woods, distracting them in order to infiltrate the ship to confront A'Sharad and Tikkes. During the chase through the woods, Adi Gallia was wounded by one of Aurra's traps. Luckily Ki and An'ya were there to help her. Realizing Sing's plan, the three returned to the ship to find Aurra Sing unconscious, defeated in battle by A'Sharad, an incredible feat for someone at his training level. However, A'Sharad admitted that he had given into his anger during the battle and was on the verge of giving up his Jedi training, lest his anger be the cause of harm to someone in the future.

However, An'ya explained that she had experienced the same anger and he should not give up his Jedi training because of it. With Ki-Adi-Mundi's permission, An'ya offered to take A'Sharad on as her student and become his teacher. Ki left the decision up to A'Sharad who accepted An'ya's offer. Unfortunately, when the Jedi were prepared to leave the planet with Aurra Sing in custody, a meteor struck close to the ship, allowing Sing the opportunity to escape. The Jedi were forced to return to Coruscant empty handed. However, the Dark Woman had new student on which she could focus her attention; some say that A'Sharad helped her as much as she helped him. The two grew close as A'Sharad continued his path to becoming a true Jedi Knight.

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