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However, the reality of why they came soon set in as a pair of Stih fighters fell in behind them and opened fire. The first blast incinerated the twins Slatka and Sladak, and Zannah fell through the hole that was opened up in the ship as Darovit simply could not hold on to her. The ship was saved as the Jedi's airforce came to the rescue and destroyed the Sith ships, but Darovit and Hardin despaired as they believed Zannah to be dead. While they were saved from annihilation, the ship still crash landed in the forests of Ruusan far from the Jedi camp, and Torr Snapit, Darovit, and Hardin were forced to complete the journey on foot.

Unfortunately, the forests were teeming with minions of Sith and it wasn't long before the three were discovered and Darovit got his first taste of battle. Fighting the Sith forces using simple clubs, stones, and knives, they held the Dark Siders off long enough to escape to a wooden bridge spanning am immense gorge. As Darovit and Hardin raced to the other side, Torr Snapit remained behind to hold off the attacking hoard. In order to ensure escape for the two, Snapit severed the ropes holding up the bridge plunging himself and the Sith into the rocks below.

Before they continued, Darovit climbed down into the gorge to retrieve Snapit's lightsaber and claim it as his own. He found Torr Snapit alive, but dying as his body was broken. As Darovit found his lightsaber, Torr Snapit warned him from succumbing to the darkness. However, as the young Force-user had what he came for, he gave the warning little acknowledgment. Returning to the top of the gorge, Darovit and Hardin discovered more Sith waiting for them. This time however, the pair was saved by Jedi Knight Kiel Charny and his platoon. Under the protection of Kiel, Darovit and Hardin finally made their way to the Jedi base.

However, what Darovit found when he arrived was disheartening. The Jedi he saw were battered and worn - he could not believe these were the Jedi of the Army of Light. When asked to participate in some of the more menial tasks, Darovit refused and was subsequently embarrassed by a chef and his serving spoon. This was followed by his lightsaber being stolen and hidden with a group of young soldiers around his age. Humiliated and in tears, Darovit left the Jedi camp and disappeared into the forests of Ruusan.

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