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On their way back down, Anoon and Darsha discovered a section of blood stained pavement, proof of Oolth's death. With no other agendas, they made their way back to the Jedi Temple. However, along the way, Darsha and her Master spot a fight beneath their transport spot two beings, a middle-aged man and a droid, being attacked by a cloaked figure with a lightsaber, a figure neither Darsha or Anoon recognize. Offering the two figures the safety of their transport and speed off with the figure in close pursuit, who eventually begins chasing them with a speeder of his own. Of course the figure was none other than Darth Maul, Sith Lord.

The two beings were Lorn Pavan and his droid I5. With Lorn in the skycar, he explained what was going on. Apparently, Lorn had a run in with the Neimoidian, Hath Monchar, who told him of the Neimodian's plans for the blockade of Naboo, plans the Sith Order set up in order for the conquest of the galaxy. Since the Sith relied on stealth and secrecy, they could not have people running about who knew their plans, which explained why the Sith Lord was chasing him and his droid. With Maul hot on their tail, Bondara soon realized that he needed to be stopped if they were going to escape. Giving the controls to Darsha and told her to return to the Jedi Temple as faster as she could; then, Master Bondara leapt from the skycar to Darth Maul's speeder and engaged him in battle.

Taking the fight to a lone platform amongst the thousands of buildings on Coruscant, Jedi Master Bondara engaged a Sith Lord, something Coruscant had not seen for perhaps a thousand years. With the transport under her control, Darsha disobeyed her Master and turned around, heading back to the fight. Master Bondara was perhaps the best swordsman of the Jedi Order, but Maul had been trained since he was a child in the combative arts and was more than a match for Bondara. Realizing that he was in danger of losing the fight, Bondara made the decision to sacrifice himself if it meant taking Maul with him. Luring Maul back towards his speeder, once close enough slashed open the fuel tank on Maul's speeder, causing an explosion that engulfed Bondara and damaged Darsha's transport.

Unfortunately, Maul survived the attempt by Bondara to kill him, and now Darsha was left on her own to escape Maul through the bowels and levels of Coruscant. Somewhat injured, Darsha, Lorn, and I5 the droid, made their way slowly through the mazes of buildings of Coruscant. In their attempt, Darsha and her group narrowly escaped capture from Darth Maul countless times, becoming captured by a race of primal beings that roamed Coruscant's underbelly known as Cthons, being forced to make their way past an enormous taozin, a being the evolved to block out the Force, as well as running into the Raptor street gang again. Along the way, Darsha was more or less discouraged by Lorn's faith in her, as he seemed to have a deep-rooted hatred of the Jedi.

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