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Flynn Kybo

Flynn Kybo was a human Jedi Knight of the Old Republic apprenticed to Jedi Master T'chooka D'oon with whom he fought in the Clone Wars. Shortly after the Clone Wars began, Master D'oon and Kybo were assigned to rescue the Anx ambassador, Quiyyen, from the planet of Vandos who had been targeted for capture by the Separatists. The Jedi hoped to meet Quiyyen before the Separatists arrived on Vandos but unfortunately failed to beat the Separatists to Vandos. Rather than simply extracting the ambassador, the Jedi were forced to rescue him from the clutches of General Grievous.

During the battle, Kybo's master was cut down by Grievous, but his sacrifice allowed the Jedi to escape with Quiyyen. Back on Coruscant, the Jedi Council debriefed Kybo regarding what he saw on Vandos. Kybo took this opportunity to express his belief that Grievous was too dangerous to let live and it was up to the Jedi to stop him. At this point in the Clone Wars, the Jedi could not foresee the result of letting Grievous live and possessed a more idealistic attitude towards the war. The Council viewed Kybo's suggestion as assassination, a course of action they were unwilling to accept.

The Council forbid Kybo from any such actions of vengeance. Although he was near the end of his training, the Council felt it necessary to reassign Kybo to Jedi Master Z'Meer Bothu in order to complete his training. After the Council meeting, Kybo was introduced to Master Bothu who wished to start their training relationship with silent meditation. In the gardens of the Jedi Temple, Kybo did his best to follow Bothu's instruction, but he was too caught up in the war. While Bothu meditated, Kybo was approached by Jedi Master B'Dard Tone and his Togruta Padawan Codi Ty. Master Tone had also encountered General Grievous and heard about Kybo's plans.

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