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Glaive was a Human Jedi Master of the Old Republic and during the time of the Clone Wars. An immense man, Glaive kept his head shaven completely bald while sporting a long brown mustache that split down the sides of his mouth and extended down past his neck. With a thick neck and massive arm and legs with bulging muscles, Glaive was an impressive site to behold. He carried a green lightsaber and took on the young, female, Zeltron, Zule Xiss, as his student.

Weeks after the Battle of Geonosis, Glaive and Zule were dispatched to Naboo to meet with Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and his student Anakin Skywalker. Queen Jamilla had requested the Jedi's presence after having lost contact with Gungan settlers on Naboo's moon of Ohma-D'un. Queen Jamilla feared spice miners might have attempted to steal the moon from the Gungans and solicited help in investigating the situation.

The Jedi and Republic feared the Separatists might be behind any recent actions on the moon, hence their desire to send a team of Jedi Knights as well as a small squad of clonetroopers to help investigate. Taking a single gunship to Ohma-D'un, Glaive and the team landed just outside a marsh on the outskirts of the settlement. However, having arrived Glaive and the Jedi found something much more sinister than anything simple spice miners could have carried out. Opening themselves up to the Living Force, Glaive and the Jedi felt the presence of death, too many deaths and what they found was even more disturbing: gravesite full of Gungans and kaadu, burned, mutilated, and destroyed by some sort of chemical weapon, leaving no survivors.

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