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Humat was a Dark Jedi almost nineteen millennia before the fall of the Jedi Order at the hands of the Sith. An eccentric, Humat collected unique and odd devices usually of a sinister nature. An example would be an ancient talisman known as the soul stealer which was known to possess those unfortunate enough to come into contact with it. Additionally, Humat was known for his experiments with the corpses of dead animals. Using Dark Side techniques, Humat experimented with reanimating these creatures for evil deeds.

Humat did his work in what came to be known as the mythical Cell of Imu. Located on Coruscant near the historic Petrax Quarter, this is where Humat's eccentricities really came to a head. Fearing the thieves would try to steal artifacts from his collection, Humat setup a number of different security measures that are better described as booby traps: spikes, tripwires, trapdoors, and the reanimated corpses from his animal experiments served as guards.

What eventually became of Humat is unknown and the Cell of Imu was ultimately eclipsed by Coruscant's sprawling and rising cityscape. Humat and his infamous cell fell into legend, with the whereabouts of his storage facility being lost to time. However, millennia later, during the demolition of a 500-story skyscraper, archeologists found what they believed to be Humat's Cell of Imu beneath the destroyed building's foundations. Even after all that time, Humat's booby traps still functioned to ward off any who would dare enter.