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Hurnoj Arqu'uthun

Hurnoj Arqu'uthun was an Arkanian scientist that served as a Captain in the Thule army during the time the Sith were waging a campaign of war throughout the galaxy. Well versed in science, warfare, and with an extensive knowledge of a multitude of species and world in the galaxy, Captain Arqu'uthun was put in charge of commanding the Sith's biological warfare operations. Hurnoj was extremely devoted to Thule's army and he carried out his tasks with precision and confidence.

However, as the Sith increased their attacks on nonmilitary subjects, Hurnoj's conscience cause him to question his orders. While too loyal to disobey them, the Force-sensitive Arkanian made an attempt to minimize civilian casualties when carrying out his orders. Additionally, as this discord between his conscience and his actions became more and more divided, Arqu'uthun rationalized his actions to a point that he found them acceptable at the very least.