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Iann Doaba

Iann Doaba was a great warrior Jedi Knight about a millennium before the Battle of Naboo. As a Jedi Knight, Iann helped the original colony ships make their way to the planet of Socorro and helped them set up their colony as well. Unfortunately, Iann was plagued by inner demons, and eventually the demons claimed Iann's life. It turned out that Iann had fallen in love with Cjaalysce Beal, daughter of the commander of the colonists.

When a rival also pronounced his love for Cjaalysce and proved to be a threat to Iann, legend has it that Iann killed the man with just a thought from his mind. However, once the heat of passion had subsided, Iann's conscience, amplified by his membership to the Jedi Knights proved self-destructive. Imposing on himself an exile to the deserts of Socorro, Iann wandered into the deserts never to be seen again.

However, Cjaalysce's love for Iann was not shaken at all by Iann's rival and she followed Iann into the desert, herself. Sometime later, Cjaalysce's body was found on a rocky outcropping clutched to the last of Iann's possessions, his clothes and his lightsaber. Iann's guilt and grief over his actions consumed him, as well as the woman he loved. However, material possessions were not the only thing left behind by Iann.

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