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Jastus Farr - Page 2

To prevent this Shadday allowed the news of the meeting to reach Darth Vader in hopes that their presence would draw him out and allow them to confront him in a concentrated effort. By the time Jastus and the Jedi realized they were being used as bait, it was too late. Darth Vader stormed into the factory ready for battle. One by one the Jedi fell and soon only Jastus Farr, Roblio Darte, and Master Tsui Choi remained. Attacking Vader together, they managed to rain a shower of rocks and debris down upon him causing serious damage to his mechanical body. Unfortunately, Vader planned for the possibility of facing formidable opponents and brought a squad of troopers as backup.

On the scaffolding above, the troopers opened fire on Jastus and the Jedi. Not even the most powerful Jedi Master could have escaped the shower of blasterfire rained down upon them. Jastus Farr was hit too many times to count and joined his brethren in the Force.

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