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L'lacielo Sageon

L'lacielo Sageon was an older Lorrdian Jedi that fought in the Clone Wars against the Separatists. Despite being old than one might typically expect for a soldier in the field, L'lacielo had no hesitations about plunging head first into battle. When Separatist commander General Grievous entered the war L'lacielo Sageon was one of the many Jedi Knights who attempted to eliminate him. After General Grievous acquired his flagship, the Invisible Hand, L'lacielo Sageon was presented with the opportunity to confront the cyborg general.

As General Grievous approached the Invisible Hand in his tri-winged shittle, L'lacielo Sageon snuck into the docking bay right behind him. There in the docking bay, L'lacielo engaged Grievous in battle. Unfortunately, the old Jedi Knight was no match for Grievous' strength and speed. L'lacielo Sageon was impaled becoming one with the Force and joining the many Jedi Knights to fall at Grievous' hand.