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Nico Diath - Page 2

Chasing Ventress and Durge to the catwalks above the rising lava, Diath, Antilles, Fay, and Kenobi caught up with, and engaged the two once more. After an aerial attack by Durge, Nico found himself stranded on a catwalk above the lava. Then, Master Kenobi noticed the ceiling above Nico was crumbling and about to collapse. Giving a warning too late, Nico was showered with burning debris and lava. The force of the impact also knocked him off the platform and into the lava. On that fateful day, Jedi Master Nico Diath became one with the Force. But his death would not be in vain as Kenobi, the only survivor, would succeed in returning to the Jedi with the necessary antidote.

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