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Niebur Boton

Niebur Boton was a female Zelton and Jedi Knight who served the Order at the conclusion of the Clone Wars. A fugitive of Order 66, Niebur Boton was hunted down and captured by Imperial Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne. Tremayne subjected Boton to torturous interrogation under which the Jedi provided information on the whereabouts of other Jedi Knights that had escaped Order 66. Sadly, the wounds inflicted by Tremayne were too much for Niebur to bear. Succumbing to these wounds, Niebur Boton became one with the Force. Her body was transported to Imperial City on Coruscant where it was inspected by Darth Vader himself. Giving into his anger and hatred for the Jedi, Vader used Niebur's own lightsaber to desecrate her body.