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Jedi Master Niquon was a Jedi during the time of the Old Republic. Building an impressive resume during his career as a Jedi, Niquon did it all from battling ancient Drethi, beasts bred for their ability to produce poison potent enough to kill a Jedi, to taking on Padawans training them to become Jedi Knights, to carving a sanctuary out of a mountainside on Skalokor, the second moon of Yabosta.

It was on Skalakor that Jedi Master Niquon spent much of his time. During his time there, he had taken on the honorary title of protector of the native, white-furred Dolandu. The species both respected and revered the Jedi Master and greatly appreciated his services in looking out for them. It was on Skalakor that Niquon trained his final Padawan, Nason Laric. There, among the mountain ranges, Niqoun continued Nason's training beyond what he learned at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

One day during training, Niquon and Nason were greeted by Borta, an aged Dolandu whom they both knew. Carrying with him a malfunctioning droid, Niquon sensed a disturbance in the Force and knew there was trouble. Speaking with Borta, the two discover the droid is an assassination droid and speculated that there were most likely more of its kind. Fearing this, Niquon decided that he must journey down the mountain to ensure the safety of the natives. Giving his lightsaber to Nason for protection, he sent him to Yabosta to meet Logwhen Badra, a technician and friend who had actually been with him when he confronted the monstrous Drethi all those years before. Unbeknownst to Niquon, the mission proved to be very dangerous for Nason, and the droids did actually carry potent Drethi venom.

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