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Making his way to the settlement of Stomorr, Niquon's worst fears were realized that a live Drethi had been released on Skalokor. In order to protect the Dolandu, Niquon attacked the beast in order to extinguish the danger it presented. Without his lightsaber, Niquon had to make due with a simple mountaineer's pike. Slashing the beasts wings, the Drethi was more than a match for the Jedi Master. Striking hard and fast, the beast was able to inject its poison into Niquon, severely wounding him and almost certainly winning the fight. During the battle, Nason and Logwhen returned from Yabosta and joined Niquon in battle against the Drethi. However, as Niquon could not defeat the beast, Nason had an even more difficult time.

As Nason and Logwhen distracted the beast, Niquon used his last bit of strength to summon the Force and hurl the pike into the beast killing it and bringing safety to Skalokor. Unfortunately, the poison in Niquon's body was too strong for him to overcome, and it was too late to administer the antidote Nason and Logwhen brought with them. On the Skalakor, the second moon of Yabosta, Jedi Master Niquon became one with the Force.

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