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Nygreena Clo

Nygreena Clo was a Jedi Knight during the Old Republic at the time when a growing Separatist force seemed to be instigating conflicts throughout the galaxy. The Jedi sent groups and teams to many planets where it was being taken over by violence and Jedi were needed. One such planet was Kabal. Kabal was a stop off of the Sharlissian Trade Corridor, but the increasing taxation of the route by the Republic made food delivery to the planet financially unaffordable by the Federation, and as a consequence, the people of Kabal received no food deliveries for two months.

A month after the deliveries stopped, the people of the city of Shoribus took to the streets rioting to protest the lack of food available. Although Kabal's central government attempted to put down the riots by declaring martial law, the riots continued. The Kabal Central Citadel was attacked and the Kabalian leader, Permiere Jan Dovu was killed. In an attempt to stop the violence, the Jedi sent an envoy made up of Nygreena Clo and three other Jedi Knights: Ixian Rovieda, Plessus Ghon, and Renxis Dielle.

Unfortunately, the Kabalian Premiere was not the only casualty of the riots. Nygreena and all three other Jedi Knights were killed in the riots. Holos of the riots showed the bodies of Nygreena and the other Jedi, which were later confirmed by the Jedi Council. Unfortunately, in at the time Nygreena and the other Jedi became one with the Force, dying Jedi were becoming more and more common place, perhaps a precursor to the dark times that were to follow.