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When the Clone Wars came to an end, the Jedi betrayed and broken, a new Empire established, and the Sith returned, Roblio Darté was one of the lucky few to escape the betrayal of Order 66. Having gone into hiding to avoid the Empire's Jedi hunters, Roblio waited to hear from any other survivors to form a plan of how to save the Republic. Eventually, Jedi Knight Shadday Potkin made contact and invited him to a secret meeting on Kessel to meet with other survivors. On Kessel, Roblio Darté joined Bultar Swan, Master Tsui Choi, Sia-Lan Wezz, Ma'kis'shaalas, Koffi Arana, and Jastus Farr to discuss what should be done.

Unfortunately, Shadday Potkin's final guest was unbeknownst to Roblio or any other other Jedi. Believing that a meeting would only result in discussion and meditation rather than action Shadday allowed the location of the meeting to reach the ears of Darth Vader in hopes that he would come to confront them directly. Darth Vader's hatred of the Jedi knew no bounds, and shortly after revealing her ruse, Shaddy, Roblio, and six other Jedi found themselves facing down an enraged Sith Lord.

Roblio and the Jedi were seemingly more than a match for Darth Vader. After all, how could a man-machine hybrid stand a chance against eight Jedi? The battle raged on in an underground factory on Kessel and Vader dispatched a number of Jedi Knights with ease, and Roblio was forced to witness the deaths of Sia-Lan Wezz and his friend, Nikto Jedi Master Ma'kis'shaalas. In the end, only Roblio, Jastus Farr, and Master Tsui Choi remained. They attacked together showering Vader with rocks and debris a seemingly debilitating move.

Unfortunately, Vader did not let his pride get the best of him and planned for facing these powerful Jedi. It was then that Vader's company of clonetroopers emerged on the catwalks above showering blasterfire down on the Jedi. Roblio never stood a chance and was cut down to become one with the Force. In one day, Darth Vader was responsible for extinguishing a significant portion of the galaxy's last hope for salvation.

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