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Sha Koon

Sha Koon was a young female, Kel Dor Jedi during the time of the Old Republic. Sha came from a long line of Jedi Knights, most notably her uncle, Plo Koon, who sat on the Jedi Council. Sha played an instrumental part in helping bring to an end the Stark Hyperspace War, which already claimed the life of Wookie Jedi Master and Council member, Tyvokka. The Stark Hyperspace War was initiated by pirate Iaco Stark, a born leader who managed to consolidate almost all pirate clans.

Manufacturing a bacta shortage and infecting Republic ships with a virus preventing them from traveling through hyperspace, Stark managed to gain the upper hand on the Jedi and Republic, at least a while. Retreating to a remote planet, the Jedi and Republic forces were under constant attack from Stark's soldiers. With no way to escape or communicate with the Jedi Council on Coruscant, the Jedi were in a precarious position. It was here that Sha Koon proved herself as well as her abilities in the Force. As it turned out, it was Plo Koon who took the lead, leading the Jedi and Republic forces against Stark.

Since Kel Dor are innately telepathic, as well as the fact that the two were related, Sha was brought before the Council by Ithorian Jedi Saldith, and with the combined strength of many Jedi Masters, communicated with Plo simply through the Force, over thousands of light-years. With a link established, the Jedi managed to formulate a plan that would bring an end to the conflict and lead the Jedi out safely. Although only a young Jedi, Sha Koon played an important role in one of the bloodiest conflicts that the Old Republic had the unfortunate opportunity to participate in.