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Shalavaa was a Human Jedi Knight during the Old Republic apprenticed to Jedi Master Ortragg. Eventually, Shalavaa completed his tutelage under Master Ortragg and it was time for him to take on his first duty as a Jedi Knight, serving as a Jedi Protector for a small colony of fenti bean farmers and nerf herders. Shalavaa had spent a few weeks on the planet settling petty disputes between the farmers, but was beginning to become restless and bored. One day however, a nerf herder turned up missing, and his herd was found wandering a valley the inhabitants believed to be haunted.

This was exciting news to Shalavaa and he headed out to the site to begin his investigation. Once in the valley however, Shalavaa was attacked by a huge carnivorous plant, which ensnared Shalavaa in its thick tentacles. However, Shalavaa remained calm and remembered his training as he escaped from the grasp of the plant. When Shalavaa descended from the height the plant had dragged him, he met Master Ortragg at the bottom. Ortragg had explained that Shalavaa's time spent at the farming colony was more than an assignment, that it was also a test. Having passed the test, Ortragg told Shalavaa was ready to confront even greater evils throughout the galaxy.