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However, the Yinchorri knew of the Jedi's presence, and under the leadership of a Devaronian launched an ambush. However, even at the odds the Yinchorri presented, they were no match for three Jedi Masters and a Jedi Knight. During the ensuing battle, Theen used the Force and his skills as a Jedi adroitly to dispense of many Yinchorri warriors and actually capture the Devaronian. Realizing that they would not find the base on Yitheeth, Theen and the Jedi left for Yibikkoror, where they had received news that the Jedi team there needed assistance. With Tsui Choi piloting, the Jedi reached the second team just in time, as they were cornered by the Yinchorri. Gathering up the four members, the now eight member Jedi team made their way to Yinchorr to join the last Jedi team there.

Arriving in the midst of a battle between the Jedi and the Yinchorri forces, Theen, his master Tsui, and Adi Gallia remained with the ship to provide aid if needed, as well as to protect their getaway. The remaining Jedi left to rescue the third team and pull them out of danger. However, the Yinchorri were aware of the ship's location and sent forces there to attack the Jedi. During the ensuing battle, Adi, Tsui and Theen were able to repel the attack, but at the cost of Theen's life. In the fight with the Yinchorri, Theen Fida, Jedi Knight became one with the Force. Although the Yinchorri were eventually defeated, Theen Fida joined Jedi Masters Micah Giiett and Lilit Twoseas as casualties of the uprising.

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