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Yoshi Raph-Elan

Yoshi Raph-Elan was a Jedi Knight during the time of the Old Republic. With blonde hair and blue eyes, Yoshi had only recently attained his Knighthood when was presented with his first challenge as a Jedi Knight. Traveling through a sector unknown to even Yoshi, he came under fire from local fighters. Attempting to use the Force to evade the fighters, Yoshi was outnumbered and eventually was hit by their fire. Desperate, the only place that Yoshi could pilot his craft to safety before it blew up was a small speck of a planet in the middle of nowhere in terms of space. Surviving the crash to the planet, Yoshi found himself in the desert without a ship and without a lightsaber; it was damaged in the crash. Making his way to a small town off in the distance, Yoshi arrived in the evening to find the that the town was very low-tech, and the citizens were being cleared of the streets for curfew by huge battledroids.

Disturbed by this, Yoshi arrived just in time to save a young child from being killed by the huge droid. Activating the droid's defense system, Yoshi was forced to fight it, and unfortunately without his lightsaber. Managing to disable it, and in the process learning they were under the command of Lord Gar-Oth, Yoshi then hacked into the droid's memory system and found an image of a castle. Feeling that this was the place to go, Yoshi set off in the direction of the castle to find the next piece of the puzzle. Sneaking into the castle, Yoshi found more of the battledroids that he had encountered in the town, and realizing that he must be cautious avoided the droids and found another way in.

Sneaking into a bedroom of the castle, Yoshi discovered a very attractive female, not human but close enough. As he entered, the woman brandished a weapon and Yoshi dove for cover. However, instead of shooting at the young Jedi, the woman destroyed a probe droid that had been following Yoshi through the castle. Taking him to the balcony, the woman welcomed Yoshi as the 'Foreseen,' the person that would come to her planet and save her people. Apparently, this Lord Gar-Oth had invaded the woman's planet with his company of battledroids and killed all who resisted him, which included her father. Additionally, she explained that Gar-Oth craved legitimacy and agreed that if she married him, he would stop the killings.

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