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Yrada Soludisan

Yrada Soludisan was a Jedi Knight during the Old Republic, around the time when a group calling themselves the Separatists threatened to destroy everything the peoples of the Republic worked so hard to maintain for a thousand generations. The coming of the Separatists threatened peace in the Republic, as pro-Separatist rhetoric convinced many worlds to join them in the attaining of their goals, and ignited worlds into warfare, sparked by grudges of ages ago. Also, the galaxy saw increase in pirate activity as Separatist factions hired pirates to attack and plunder Republic cargo shipments.

One such pirate group was the Iridium pirates, operating out of the Atrivis Sector. Attacks on Republic shipments of grain and spice called for necessary action by the Republic to protect their interests as well as citizens. Hoping for a peaceful solution, the Republic turned to the Jedi. Putting together a team of Jedi pilots, Jedi diplomats, and Republic Judiciaries, Jedi Masters Belsed-Qan Idan and Kit Fisto led a Jedi task force into the Atrivis Sector for a diplomatic meeting. However, Master Idan and Master Fisto both recognized who in fact they were dealing with: pirates.

Because of this, the Jedi Masters had a team of Jedi pilots in the newly designed Delta-7 Jedi starfighters accompany the Republic ship, the Monitor III, which carried the diplomats and dignitaries. However, the diplomatic negotiations never took place, as the task force was fired upon by the pirates before negotiations could begin. While the pirates had a considerable fleet, it was the Delta-7 starfighters that proved to be the winning factor in the battle.

However, the pirates used a unique weapon technology, known as gem technology, which was powerful and destructive. In fact, the pirates managed to severely cripple the Republic's envoy ship, killing a number of Jedi and dignitaries. One of those Jedi killed was Yrada Soludisan. Yrada Soludisan was dedicated to preserving peace and justice in the galaxy, always pushing for a non-violent solution. Because of this, Yrada chose to serve the Jedi as a diplomat, and it was in this service to the Jedi Order that Yrada became one with the Force, truly as a Jedi Knight.