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Falling to the surface below, Darovit and Hardin thought their sister had perished in the attack. However, the Force had other plans for the young girl as she landed safely among a pack of Floaters, semi-sentient beings, attuned to the Force and native to Ruusan. Not much more than a large head and a flowing tail, the gentle Floaters roamed the mountains and forests of Ruusan. When Zannah fell to them from the sky, they took it upon themselves to protect the girl and get her safely back to the Jedi's camp. The Floaters were able to subtly communicate with Zannah through the Force, expressing simple emotions and visions of simple ideas. Zannah befriended a particular Floater named, Laa, her escort across Ruusan.

Had Zannah not known better, she would never have been able to guess that the planet served as a battleground in a war. Her journey through the forests was peaceful and quiet; at least it was until the disturbances in the Force due to the war began to affect the weaker Floaters. They fell from the sky as the dreams of death and destruction were too much for their fragile minds to bear. One night however, the forests of Ruusan were not peaceful. Darth Bane, one of the Sith Lords fighting alongside Lord Kaan, had united the Sith in an effort to use their collective strength to conjure up a Force storm. The storm they created devastated the surface of Ruusan killing Jedi and Sith alike and turning forests into desert.

Ever since she arrived on Ruusan, Zannah found her strength in the Force growing. It was not until the night of the Force storm when Zannah realized just how powerful she had become. When the storm came in the middle of the night, Zannah instinctively used her power to create a shield around herself and Laa, protecting the pair from annihilation. While Zannah was excited she had finally learned to harness her Force power, she was alarmed to hear that Laa had visions of her as a Dark Jedi, joining the Sith. Dismayed by this, Zannah hoped to prevent this prophecy from occurring by throwing herself from a cliff into a bed of jagged rocks.

However, before she could land, Zannah believed that she could overcome this vision and someday become a true Jedi Knight. Using her newly discovered powers, Zannah saved herself from falling and continued towards the Jedi with Laa. Back at the Jedi camp, the war took its toll on the Floaters who had gone mad from the agony they felt in the Force. The mad Floaters were causing disruption among the Jedi as they broadcast their thoughts of death and destruction into the Jedi's own. The only solution was to put down these psychotic Floaters, a task that fell to Jedi Knight Petja. As Zannah approached the camp through the dust and haze of a recently destroyed forest, Petja took aim at the approaching Floater having mistook it for being mad.

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