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A'Sharad went along with his father on these such raids, and although the two worked hard to make sure innocent settlers and farmers went unharmed, a few were caught in the crossfire and killed. Such turn of events created the hysteria among the people of Tatooine that they needed to protect themselves against the Tuskens and it seemed as if Jabba's scheme had worked after all. However, the raids revealed that the Tuskens were led by a Jedi, and this news soon reached all the way to Coruscant and the Jedi Temple. Having thought Sharad Hett had become one with the Force years earlier, they sent Jedi Knight Ki-Adi-Mundi to Tatooine to investigate the apparent return of the legendary Jedi Knight.

A'Sharad and his father found Ki-Adi-Mundi wandering through the deserts of Tatooine after having escaped an ambush by Jabba the Hutt's henchmen in an attempt to locate A'Sharad's father. Finding him near the mouth of a cave about to be attacked by a krayt dragon, A'Sharad, his father, and the Tuskens stood back to see if Ki was worthy enough to warrant their counsel. During the ensuing clash however, A'Sharad and his father learned that Ki-Adi-Mundi had been sent by the Jedi Council, specifically by Sharad's former master, Eeth Koth.

When they learned of this, Sharad and A'Sharad realized that it was necessary Ki survive the battle and joined in to assist him. Realizing that this was a prime opportunity for A'Sharad to complete his rite of passage to become a warrior of the tribe, he sent his son into battle with the krayt dragon armed only with the Force and the traditional Tusken weapon, the gaderffii stick. A'Sharad proved more than capable and slew the dragon, there by completing his initiation rites. Taking Ki-Adi-Mundi back to their camp, A'Sharad's father explained to him of his past, what brought him to Tatooine, and the current situation with the Tusken clans. Ki-Adi-Mundi feared that Sharad Hett was walking a dark path by launching such raids against Tatooine settlements, but when Ki learned that the attacks were legitimate attempts to defend themselves from harm.

This, accompanied by the gravesite of Tuskens Ki was shown, led him to acknowledge the current plight of the Tuskens. With this, Ki resolved to assist Sharad, his son, and the Tuskens in their fight. However, the Jedi Council was not the only ones who were interested in the Tusken Jedi's apparent return. The Jedi hunter, Aurra Sing received the news as well and journeyed to Tatooine in hopes of slaying Sharad Hett and A'Sharad. Allying herself with Gardulla the Hutt, Aurra Sing followed the Tuskens and relayed their location to Gardulla when the time was right. Gardulla was interested in going to battle with the Tuskens in an attempt to foil Jabba's, her rival, smuggling ring.

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