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A'Sharad Hett - Page 3

Aurra Sing hoped to use the battle that would ensue between Gardulla's forces and the Tusken raiders to seek out A'Sharad and his father and murder them. When the time was right, Gardulla launched her attack and proceeded to gather her forces. When the Tuskens learned of this, Sharad Hett feared his warriors would be no match against the advanced weaponry that Gardulla's forces would be equipped with. Heading into the valley where his forces were located, Sharad Hett split the forces into two groups, one to draw the attackers fire, and one to flank them. Ki-Adi-Mundi and A'Sharad watched the forces come together atop of A'Sharad's bantha on a cliff side.

It was at this point, with the diversion of the battle, that Aurra Sing got the two Jedi in her sights. However, Aurra Sing only managed to fire upon A'Sharad's bantha and killing it. The loss of a bantha affects a Tusken deeply as well as vice versa. However, both Ki and A'Sharad were forced to take cover from Aurra Sing's attack. Meanwhile, the battle was going poorly for Sharad and his Tuskens. Fighting bravely however they met Gardulla's forces head on until the female Hutt's troops were attacked from behind by forces of her rival, none other than Jabba the Hutt. Apparently, Aurra Sing had betrayed Gardulla to Jabba who subsequently came to protect his interests. Sharad Hett fought his way to the center of the battlefield breathing life into his troops, and it was at this point that Aurra Sing took her shot.

Wounding A'Sharad's father in the soldier, she drew near him to personally finish the kill. But a single shot was not enough to take down A'Sharad's famous father and he and Aurra Sing soon became locked in a fierce lightsaber battle. But Aurra Sing was armed with the Dark Side of the Force, and when a shower of stones stunned Sharad Hett, Aurra Sing seized the opportunity to pierce his torso, a wound that would eventually claim his life. Before Aurra Sing could deliver another, final blow, A'Sharad confronted her and overpowered her, presenting him with an opportunity to avenge his father who would die a few moments later. However, Ki-Adi-Mundi reminded him of the ways of the Jedi and that vengeance was of the Dark Side.

It was at this moment of choice, where A'Sharad chose the Light Side that Aurra Sing managed to escape from him. Going to his dying father, A'Sharad was presented with his father's lightsaber. Before he passed into the Force, Sharad asked Ki-Adi-Mundi if he would take A'Sharad as his Padawan and continue his training. Ki expressed the honor he felt by such an opportunity and as Sharad passed away, he expressed his feelings to A'Sharad that it was an honor to have known his son. With his clan decimated, A'Sharad agreed to return to Coruscant with Ki-Adi-Mundi and continue his Jedi training.

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