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Ahn Rasi Tuum

Ahn Rasi Tuum was a Bothan Jedi Master of the Jedi Order more than one-hundred years after Luke Skywalker rebuilt the Jedi Order and Darth Krayt reestablished the Sith Empire. Following Darth Krayt's attack on the Jedi Temple at Coruscant and Ossus that left the Jedi once again outcasts, Ahn Rasi Tuum went into hiding with the other survivors as Krayt intensified the Sith stranglehold on the galaxy.

Pursued by bounty hunters and marked for death by the Sith, the galaxy had once again fallen into darkness, and it was a very dangerous time to be a Jedi. Seven years after the fall of Ossus, Jedi Master Wolf Sazen requested a meeting with Tuum, Shado Vao, and another Jedi on the remote world of Daluuj. There Master Sazen requested Tuum and the other Jedi's help in locating his former Padawan, Cade Skywalker. The young Skywalker was believed to be killed during the attack at Ossus and all Jedi save Master Sazen held this belief. However, as Cade's former Master, Sazen and the boy shared a special bond, and Sazen felt through the Force that Cade was alive.

The Jedi were scattered and broken, and the Skywalker name was a legacy among the Jedi, one Master Sazen hoped the remaining Knights could rally around in an attempt to confront the Sith. The meeting on Daluuj with Rasi and the Jedi was what Master Sazen hoped to be the beginning of that uprising. Unfortunately, Sith hunters sent by Krayt tracked the Jedi to Daluuj and attacked them during the gathering. Even more unfortunate was that Master Ahn Rasi Tuum was killed in the attack by a spear through the chest. Shado Vao and Master Sazen would be the only two to survive. The attack drove the point home for Shado Vao who agreed to join Wolf Sazen in his quest to find Cade Skywalker and challenge the Sith.