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Aleco Stusea

Jedi Master Aleco was a near-Human Jedi Master of the Old Republic. Serving the Order during the time of the Exar Kun and the Sith Wars, Master Aleco rose to the rank of Jedi Master and even gained a seat of the Jedi Council of Dantooine. There she served alongside such renowned Jedi Masters and Vrook Lamar, Selkath Jedi Master Qual, and Jedi Master Bala Nisi. After the destruction of Exar Kun and the Sith, the Jedi turned their efforts to rebuilding the galaxy which had been devastated by war. However, soon reports came in that Jedi had gone missing. Some Jedi were found dead, bodies mutilated.

The Jedi Council's investigation revealed that a great beast, known as the terentatek, had been making its presence known in the galaxy. Determining that this beast was too dangerous to co-exist with, the Coucil initiated what came to be known as The Great Hunt. Teams of Jedi sought out terentateks and eliminated them. Eventually most had been hunted down and destroyed and the Jedi Council declared the hunt officially over. However, there was one planet left to cleanse, a planet that, despite the terentateks, was dangerous for any Jedi. One of few remaining terentateks resided on the planet of Korriban, a homeworld to the ancient Sith. The Dark Side was strong on Korriban and would call to any Jedi sent there to destroy life.

Aleco and the Dantooine council were given the task of assigning the Jedi who would hunt down the monster. During the time of the Great Hunt, three Jedi had made a name for themselves as some of the best terentatek hunters of the Order. Duron Qel-Droma, Shaela Nur, and Guun Han Saresh were selected for this task. While the Dantooine council debated the wisdom of sending another Qel-Droma to Korriban, Aleco felt that Duron could be held accountable for his cousin's actions and that they should respect the wisdom of the council Coruscant.

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