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Allara was a brown-haired, Human Padawan of the Old Republic during the time of the Clone Wars. She was a member of the Bergruutfa Clan, a group of six, young Padawans, collectively apprenticed to Jedi Master Quarmall. The Abyssin Jedi Master's decision to take on the entire clan as his apprentices was controversial among the Jedi, but with the Clone Wars raging, the Order simply did not have the resources to censure or stop him.

A year into the war, Allara was traveling with Master Quarmall and the Bergruutfa Clan aboard a Mon Calamari star cruiser when it came under attack by General Grievous, the Separatists new cyborg commander. Master Quarmall hid Allara and the other apprentices in a storage closet aboard the ship as he faced off against Grievous and his battle droids. During the fight, the Jedi Master was cut down and the battle droids sensors led the general to where the Padawans were hiding.

Taken prisoner, Allara quickly accepted a leadership role among the group. On Gentes, Allara took the opportunity to rebel against her captors, using the Force to snatch a lightsaber from Grievous' belt and attack not only the battle droids, but Grievous himself. Unfortunately, size did matter in this instance as Grievous easily overpowered the girl. To elicit obedience, Grievous forced her to watch as he razed an Ugnaught city to the ground from orbit killing the city's entire population. The episode was enough to calm Allara down, but she would soon come around to lead the apprentices in an escape attempt.

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