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Arca Jeth - Page 3

Master Arca however, was able to see the true intentions of Exar Kun and told him he was not welcomed on the planet. The growing power of the Krath was of great concern to the Jedi, and Arca was one of the many, many Jedi to assemble on the planet of Deneba for a great convocation where possible solutions could be discussed on how to deal with the new malevolence. However, during the convocation, the Krath attacked the Jedi and turned the meeting ground into a battlefield.

The Krath warriors, consisting of war droids, were excellent fighters, but of course absolutely no match for the Jedi Knights, especially Master Arca. Long before, during the Great Droid Revolution on Coruscant, Arca developed and mastered a technique of using the Force to short-circuit droids, and used it appropriately to defend himself and his fellow Jedi. During the battle, Arca managed to save Ulic Qel-Droma's life, but as his young apprentice was thanking him, a battle droid's blaster found master Arca, delivering a fatal blow. As Arca lay dying next to Ulic, he said he was at one with the Light Side, and with that, he passed away to forever become one with the Force.

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