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Aubrie Wyn

Aubrie Wyn was a Human, female Jedi Knight of the Old Republic. During the time of the Clone Wars, Aubrie was apprenticed to Jedi Master Sirrus Skilled in the art of healing, Aubrie became one of the best healers at the Jedi Temple. Aubrie's abilities in the Force caught the attention of the Jedi Council on Coruscant who bestowed on her the honor of being selected to train under Jedi Master Mace Windu once her tenure with Master Sirrus was complete. However, the outbreak of the Clone wars necessitated that he skills be put to use. Assigned to the planet of Jabiim, Aubrie and Master Sirrus were given the task of caring for wounded soldiers on the battlefield.

Jabiim, a muddy, rainy, backwater planet proved to be a strategic location in the grand scheme of the galaxy-wide conflict. As was such, a great many Jedi Masters and Knights were committed to driving the Separatists out and preventing them from gaining a foothold. Fighting alongside Jabiimi soldiers loyal to the Republic, the Jedi battled against Jabiimi rebels and their Separatist-supplied battledroids. The severely turbulent weather systems of Jabiim prevented either side from gaining significant ground in the campaign. Eventually it simply turned into a killing factory as Jedi, rebels, clonetroopers, and loyalists fell.

Aubrie and Master Sirrus served under the command of Jedi Master Norcuna and Jedi Master Leska, following Norcuna's death in battle. When Master Sirrus was killed in an explosion, Aubrie was left Masterless. Finding a number of Padawans in the same situation, General Leska placed them all in a group that came to be known as the “Padawan Pack.” Master Leska hoped that by working together, the team of Jedi could use their collective strength to make up for their lack of experience. In the Padawan Pack, Aubrie fought alongside Jedi Knights Kass Tod, Zule Xiss, Vaabesh, Tae Diath, Elora Sund, Mak Lotor, Windo Nend, and the legendary Anakin Skywalker.

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