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Beel Acton

Beel Acton was one of the most evil beings the galaxy had ever seen, not for waging war or causing massacres, but for the simple fact the Beel Acton loved to cause suffering and witness pain in others. He reveled in betrayal, seduction, and manipulation. With long, blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, and athletic physique, Beel Acton could not help but he liked by those around him, despite his lust for cruelty. Beel Acton's development into such a powerful sociopath was due to a lonely upbringing and a strong affinity for the Force.

As a child, Beel Acton was raised on the trade planet of Brentaal, the son of a wealthy businessman. At three years old, his mother was killed in an accident, and as his father spent all of his time at work, Beel Acton was left to be raised by a series of apathetic nannies who let Beel Acton have the run of the house. With such a free-spirited home life, Beel grew into a very spoiled child. He did not get along well with his schoolmates and was a consummate bully, tormenting the other children for the sheer pleasure of seeing and hearing them cry.

Despite his bullying, Beel was an exceptional student and extraordinary athlete, his skills heightened by his access to the Force. As he grew older, Beel discovered that no matter what he did, there were certain teachers who always gave him high marks. Just as his penchant for sadism was awakened when he was a child, as a teenager, he discovered his skills at influence and manipulation. Over the years, Beel Acton used the Force to hone these skills to always get what he wanted.

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