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Bodo Baas

Bodo Baas was a Jedi Master in service about six hundred years before the rise of Emperor Palpatine. A descendant of the legendary Vodo-Siosk Baas, who perished during the Sith War about three thousand years before, Bodo operated out of the Adegan System with alongside a group of Jedi Knights. During his service to the Jedi Order, Bodo decided to record his knowledge and teachings in a holocron, as many Jedi Masters before him had done. Bodo completed his undertaking and the holocron was completed. Time passed and eventually Bodo became one with the Force himself.

However, his holocron was passed down through the generations of Jedi Knights over the next few centuries until it was eventually stolen from the last Jedi who held it by Emperor Palpatine himself. It remained in Palpatine's possession for the next few decades and often Palpatine consulted it to learn what Bodo had to teach about the Jedi. Eventually the Empire and Palpatine were defeated, but ten years after the Empire's final defeat, Palpatine returned in the form of one of his clones, which he kept hidden away, should they be needed. As he continued his struggle to retake the galaxy and destroy the New Republic, Palpatine kidnapped Leia Organa-Solo when she attempted to save her brother, Luke Skywalker from his mission to destroy the Emperor from within.

During her imprisonment by Palpatine, he showed Leia Bodo's holocron and just before she escaped from the Emperor, Leia stole the holocron, hoping to study its teachings when she got a moments peace. Designed with the Force, the holocron was able to sense the Force within Leia. Appearing to her as the gatkeeper of the holocron, Bodo revealed secrets to Leia that Palpatine was never able to discover in the device. Telling Leia ancient prophecies that hinted at the fates of the Skywalker twins, Bodo's holocron was consulted many times by Leia, Luke, and Jedi Knight Kam Solusar. Even from beyond the grave, centuries later, Bodo Baas was able to assist the Jedi Order when the dark times had returned to the galaxy.