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Bon was a Jedi Youngling that survived Order 66 and was forced to go into hiding. With a dozen or so other younglings, including youngling Nia, Bon was taken in by Captain Hurd Coyle who agreed to smuggle the Jedi to safety in the Outer Rim. Acting as a simple salvager, Captain Hurd hid Bon and the Jedi younglings in his cargo hold guarded by reprogrammed battledroids Hurd had acquired during the Clone Wars. Bon and the Jedi's presence was almost revealed when Captain Hurd salvaged a damaged V-19 Torrent Starfighter with wounded clonetrooper still aboard. However, the clonetrooper's ship was damaged before Darth Sidious issued Order 66. As a result, the trooper's programming did not kick in to view the Jedi as enemies of the Republic.

However, when another Jedi youngling by the name of Nia, alerted the clonetrooper to the Jedi's presence aboard the ship. Curious, the clonetrooper searched the ship to discover the Jedi younglings in the cargo hold. However, the Jedi younglings had heard rumors of the clonetroopers' treachery and were wary of the one they confronted. Bon was especially worried when Nia approached the trooper asking whether the rumors were true. However, the clonetrooper proved that not all of the soldiers had turned bad when another clonetrooper squad boarded the ship searching for smuggled Jedi. The rescued trooper assured the squad captain that the vessel was merely a salvage vessel that had saved his life as his disabled ship drifted in space. On the rescued trooper's word, the squad captain felt assured that there were no Jedi aboard and left without searching the rest of the ship. Bon and the Jedi younglings' secret was kept safe as they continued their journey to safety in the Outer Rim.