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Bultar Swan - Page 3

The topic of the meeting centered around whether or not the Jedi should band together in order to directly confront the Sith. During the meeting, the Jedi were split between two camps - those that wished to exact revenge on the Sith and those who feared that revenge would set the Jedi down a dark path. Master Potkin feared the meeting would dissolve into nothing more than a philosophical debate about what should be done without any real progress made regarding what would be done. Because of this, Shadday allowed Imperial agents to learn of the meeting hoping the news would eventually reach Darth Vader. Shadday's plan worked and Darth Vader joined the Jedi on Kessel with a cadre of clonetroopers.

Shadday Potkin forced Bultar Swan and the surviving Jedi to confront the Sith Lord whether they wanted to or not. Darth Vader arrived and the eight Jedi squared off against him in a battle that held the fate of the Jedi in its resolution. Vader took out many of the Jedi quickly, but together they managed to sever Vader's right arm and bring him to his knees. Feigning surrender, Jedi Knight Koffi Arana moved in for the kill. However, Bultar Swan stopped him as she could not bring herself to allow the Jedi to kill an enemy who had surrendered. While her compassion was noble, it was one of the traits the Sith used against the Jedi in their revenge.

Koffi Arana however, had allowed his anger to overtake him and would not allow Bultar Swan to stop him. In his rage, Koffi Arana ran Bultar Swan through with his lightsaber sending the Jedi to become one with the Force. Sadly, Koffi Arana would die as well at the hands of Darth Vader that day joining Bultar Swan in the Force.

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