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Cade Skywalker

Son of Jedi Master Kol Skywalker and Imperial agent Morrigan Corde. Nephew of Jedi Master Nat Skywalker. Descendant of Jedi Knights Luke Skywalker and Ben Skywalker. Apprenticed to the Zabrak Jedi Master Wolf Sazen. Explored the secrets of the New Jedi Temple on Coruscant with Shado Vao. Battled the One Sith during the Massacre at Ossus. Witnessed his father's death at the hands of Darth Nihl. Saved by the Feeorin pirate Rav. Struck out on his own as a pirate, bounty hunter, and captain of the Mynock with crewmates Jariah Syn and Deliah Blue. Addicted to death sticks. Haunted by the ghost of Luke Skywalker. Captured the Bothan Jedi healer Hosk Trey'lis on Lok. Rescued Princess Marasiah Fel and Astraal Vao from Darth Talon on Socorro. Fought alongside Imperial Knights Antares Draco and Ganner Krieg during the Battle of Vendaxa. Rescued by Jedi Master K'Kruhk on Ossus. Inherited precious Jedi artifacts from Yuuzhan Vong Master Shaper Nei Rin. Infiltrated the Sith Temple on Coruscant. Captured and tortured by Darth Maladi. Trained in the ways of the Sith by Darth Talon. Endured Darth Krayt's Embrace of Pain. Defeated Darth Nihl and Darth Talon in the Temple of the Sith. Defended Rawk's Nest on Iego from Black Sun mercenaries. Learned of the Jedi's Hidden Jedi Temple on Taivas. Revealed Darth Krayt's true identity, A'Sharad Hett, to the new Jedi Council. Joined by Azlyn Rae on his mission to assassinate Darth Krayt. Battled Rakghouls aboard the Star Destroyer Iron Sun. Imprisoned by ancient Jedi Celeste Morne. Laid a trap for the One Sith on Had Abbadon. Defeated Darth Stryfe in battle. Destroyed the Muur Talisman and Karness Muur with it. Banished from Kiffex. Captured by his half-sister Gunn Yage while raiding Black Sun shipments on Tatooine. Sought refuge from assassins Ku Vrat and the Anzati couple, Sint Yoru and Nakia Yoru, in the old Lars homestead. Patron of Queen Jool the Hutt's cantina on Zeltron. Uncovered Darth Maladi's secret Yuuzhan Vong lab on Wayland. Hunted down the Butcher of Dac, Vul Isen, on Daluuj. Allied with the Hutts after the the Sith poisoned Da Soocha. Slew Vul Isen on Utapau. Defended Falleen from Darth Krayt's forces alongside Rogue Squadron and Admiral Gar Stazi. Reunited with his mother on The Wheel. Defended the Hidden Jedi Temple from Sith and Imperial forces at the Battle of Taivas. Retreated to Bastion with the Alliance Remnant. Joined a Jedi and Imperial Knight strike team in a final bid to defeat Darth Krayt. Proclaimed himself a Jedi and defeated Darth Krayt once and for all. Returned to traveling the galaxy with companions Syn and Blue.