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During Codi's search, the astromech droid discovered communications mentioning Grievous coming from the Anoat system, and using a stolen Trade Federation probe droid, pinpointed his location on the moon of Belsus. In addition, Codi and the Jedi learned Grievous had come across the missing Bergruutfa Clan and was keeping the Padawans prisoner. Codi Ty, Tone, and Kybo decided that they would expand their mission to include the rescue of the young Padawans. As the Jedi snuck past Trade Federation security, the Padawans were in the process of conducting a prison break of their own. When Codi Ty and the Jedi launched their attack, Grievous descended into the caverns below the complex to pursue the escaping Padawans.

Codi Ty, Master Tone, and Kybo cut through dozens of Grievous' battle droids and eventually caught up to him just in time to save the clan. On a rocky bridge spanning a river of molten lave, the three Jedi were the only barrier between the Jedi and the cyborg general. As B'Dard Tone and Flynn Kybo engaged Grievous in lightsaber combat, Codi Ty gathered the young Jedi to escort them to safety back at the Jedi's ship. Back at the shuttle, Codi felt the two Jedi's death in the Force and knew they would not be returning. When the Jedi's death was followed by an explosive chain reaction that destroyed the entire complex and led Codi to believe Grievous had also perished.

Codi Ty delivered the young Padawans to the Jedi Council at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant following their escape. In front of the Council masters, Codi Ty accepted that the three Jedi defied the council and was willing to accept whatever punishment they deemed appropriate. While the Council was grateful for the safe return of the Padawans, they could not ignore Codi Ty's defiance. As the Clone Wars progressed, the Jedi gave considerably less concern for the morality of their actions as the call to war muffled such thoughts. However, Codi Ty's assassination attempt occurred at a time when the Jedi were more interested in protecting their principles. As such, codi Ty was banned from the Order and asked not to return. Years later, the attitude of the Council might have been different given the ferocity with which Greivous attacked the Republic.

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