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Close enough to the bike to land a blow, Kaox struck out with his lightsaber that cut through the bike's cables, slowly draining it of its power. However, the strike caused Kaox to lose his balance and he went stumbling into the ground allowing Crian and Dree an escape, at least for the moment. Having to abandon the speeder bike, Crian and Dree set out on foot in an attempt to keep ahead of the Dark Killer. Two days Crian was able to keep her and her apprentice ahead of Krul, but eventually he drew closer.

Finally tracking them down to a lake in the middle of the planet's forests, Kaox approached the Jedi Knight. Realizing that she could no longer run from the Madman, Crian engaged him in a fierce battle. It took all of Crian's strength in the Force to keep up with Kaox and the two traded blow after blow until Dree jumped into the battle herself, forcing Kaox to fight an adversary on each side. However, Kaox Krul was more than capable of dealing with such a fight. Using the Force to send Crian flying into the lake, Kaox vaulted over Crian's apprentice, landing behind her to deliver a killing blow. Mortified at the loss of her apprentice, Crian engaged the warrior once more and the two were locked in battle for even hours afterwards.

Unfortunately, Kaox was too powerful in the Dark Side for Crian to keep up with, and unfortunately Crian still desired justice for the man that murdered her apprentice and countless others. Giving into the anger that was deep within her gave Crian the power that allowed her to press an attack against Krul. However, her succumbing to her anger did not come without consequence. Crian and Krul eventually took their battle over the surface of the lake, hovering above the water and flying at each other pressing their attacks. As soon as it had begun the battle was over, Crian's blade finding its way into Krul, and his into her. A white flash of light signaled the demise of the two, Crian disappearing over the churning waters of the lake, one with the Force.

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