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Dass Jennir

Dass Jennir was a Human Jedi Knight of the Old Republic and sported long, blonde hair, which he kept pulled back into a ponytail. During the final weeks of the Clone Wars, Dass Jennir was assigned to New Plympto in a campaign to fight against the native Nosaurians. After Order 66, Jennir found himself on the run from his own troops through the forests of New Plympto. During the night Jennir literally ran into a native Nosaurian by the name of Bomo Greenbark. Jennir was forced to subdue Greenbark lest he reveal their presence to the pursuing clonetroopers with his natural phosphorescent form of communication.

When the coast was clear, Dass released Bomo who recognized him as a Jedi. In the preceding days, Bomo had heard the rumors of the Jedi attempting to overthrow the Republic and them being branded as traitors. However, Bomo revealed he never really had any problem with the Jedi or the Republic. The war was brought to New Plympto when the Republic refused to give New Plympto representation in the Senate then banned their only export, Rikknit eggs. With no money coming in, the Nosaurians economy collapsed. During the Separatist crisis, the Confederacy offered to buy the Rikknit eggs and offered them a place in the new Confederacy. When the Republic refused to lose yet another planet to the Confederacy, war came to the simple planet.

Upon hearing this, Jennir apologized saying he was only following orders. Bomo apologized in turn as the Nosaurians simply had no choice given their circumstances. The two realized they now fought the same enemy and had a better chance of succeeding fighting together rather than against each other. As partners, they set out to find the rest of Bomo's troops and the Nosaurians camp. Only by the intervention and on the word of Bomo was Dass Jennir not killed.

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