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At their camp, Jennir met with their leader who informed him of the most recent news reports regarding the Jedi's traitorous actions. By firelight, Jennir wondered how the Jedi could have let themselves be caught off-guard and defeated so easily. The Nosaurian leader feared reprisals from the newly declared Empire. Dass Jennir resolved to return to Coruscant to find answers.

Jennir returned to Coruscant to find the Jedi Temple in flames and surrounded by clonetroopers keeping guard. He watched surreptitiously from the crowd gathered to watch a young Jedi call the other Knights in the crowd to action. A number of Jedi were watching from the crowd including Shadday Potkin, Koffi Arana, and Master Kai Hudorra. However, none of them could bring themselves to join the Jedi in an assault on the Temple. Their estimations were right when the Jedi was shot down by the clonetroopers he tried to attack. As the crowd dispersed, Jedi Master Hudorra risked a meeting with Jennir who asked what the Bothan planned on doing now that the Jedi were no more.

Hudorra's plan was to go into hiding, perhaps living out a comfortable life as a gambler. When the same question was posed to Jennir, the blonde-haired Jedi decided that he could not simply turn his back on his duty, that he would stick to the tenets of the order and help out where he was needed. The first place Jennir knew he would be useful was back on New Plympto to help his new friends stand up to the Empire. While many Jedi went into hiding, Jennir remained a Jedi in a galaxy that demanded their heads.

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