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Deel De

Deel De was a Twi'lek noble born on the planet of Ryloth as an only child to her privileged parents. When she was young, her parents noticed that she possessed an affinity to the Force. However, rather than lose their only child to the Jedi, Deel's parents chose to keep her abilities a secret which they instructed Deel to keep as well, forbidding her to discuss it. As such, Deel grew up in all the luxury that a noble birthright would allow. She grew into a beautiful young Twi'lek with aquamarine skin, a gorgeous face and a fashion sense to round it all out.

When she was of age, her parents began looking for acceptable suitors for Deel to marry. Unfortunately, Deel was difficult to please and left Ryloth to find her own path. During her travels her paths crossed with a Human noble named Keroth Ishedur. The two found that they complemented each other well and spent much time discussing philosophy, the universe, and their common feelings. This chance meeting and the subsequent relationship awakened in Deel a sense of purpose. When she and Keroth parted, she dedicated herself to the study of the Dark Side of the Force and the enhancement of her latent Force-sensitivity.

Until she felt comfortable with her abilities, Deel was content with devoting her time to meditation and study. She preferred to keep her abilities a secret and eventually married a Twi'lek diplomat named Larith De in order to provide a reputable lifestyle that could hide her dark dealings. With Larith's position as a diplomat, Deel was free to work behind the scenes to further her abilities and manipulate the nobles of the Ryloth Diplomatic Corps. Together, she and Larith accepted with zeal the upscale lifestyle a position as a diplomat provided. They traveled the galaxy, lodging in upscale locations with Deel all the while putting on the image of an unassuming trophy wife. However, little did those around her know that her aspirations for political power and manipulation were supported by a growing strength in the Dark Side of the Force.