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Durnar was a Jedi Knight who served during the Clone Wars and the twilight of the Jedi Order. As the Republic and the Separatists fought for any inch of advantage in the war, both sides dispatched schemes that would give them that advantage. While some might argue that the Separatist plots were the more sinister, history would prove this was a moot point. One scheme that was particularly sinister was the Separatists' efforts to create their own army of clones. Not just an army of clones, but an army of Morgukai clones trained by Anzati assassins.

The Morgukai were an ancient Nikto warrior cult all but extinct by the time of the Clone Wars. When the war broke out, Count Dooku sought the last surviving member, Bok, and chose him as to be the host of the new army. The Sith Lord entrusted the operation to Sora Bulq, a former member of the Jedi Order who turned to the Dark Side at the beginning of the war. When the Jedi learned of this plan, they dispatched a large battalion of clonetroopers led by many Jedi Knights to help put a stop to the plan. The possibility that the Separatist would succeed was simply to great a threat for the Jedi to ignore.

Durnar was one of the Jedi Knights assigned to the operation on the planet of Saleucami where the Separatist stronghold was located. Deep within the catacombs of the planet rivers of lava helped power the cloning operation. During the fighting to break the Separatists' defenses, Durnar served alongside such Jedi Knights as K'Kruhk, Quinlan Vos, Xiaan Amersu, and served under the command of Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis. Unfortunately, the seige of Saleucami would claim a number of Jedi, Durnar among them. Before the Jedi's final attack against the Separatists, those who remained held a ceremony to honor their fallen brethren. At the ceremony, Durnar was honored by Jedi Knight Jeisel.