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On Jabiim, the Padawan Pack was tasked with resupplying and fortifying Cobalt Station, which the Jedi hoped to use as a staging area for launching attacks against Stratus and his army. As the Jedi moved their convoy towards the station, Alto Stratus launched an attack and drew the Jedi into battle on a field filled with live mines. Elora and the team of Jedi were able to hold Stratus off long enough to escape and continue towards their destination. However, they arrived just in time to witness the arrival of a Separatist armada, sent by Count Dooku to bolster Stratus' forces.

Even worse, Elora and the Jedi received word that the Republic was initiating a full retreat from Jabiim. The arrival of the armada simply tipped the scales too much in favor of Stratus. Despite the orders for retreat, it still needed to be accomplished. Stratus was on the move and moving quickly towards the Republic evacuation point. The only thing that stood in his way, and in the way of his ten thousand-strong army, was Cobalt Station and a small group of young Jedi Knights and clonetroopers. In order for the evacuation to be successful, Elora and the Jedi would have to slow Stratus' advance.

A short meeting sealed the Jedi's fate. Unanimously they decided to dig in and do everything they could to ensure the success of the retreat. Fortifying their positions, the Jedi were forced to defend themselves with military technology none of them were trained for. Nevertheless, they stood their ground and met Stratus' droid army head on. When the battle started, Stratus' army made short work of the defenses set up around the base. It was not long before Elora and the Jedi charged into battle, lightsabers ablaze.

Unfortunately casualties came quick and members of the Padawan Pack fell one by one, cut down by explosions or gunfire. When Tae Diath was killed effortlessly by battledroids at point blank range, the psychic backlash from his death destroyed Elora's mind. During their time spent together, Elora and Tae and formed strong bonds, strengthened that much more through the Force. The bonds ran so deep, that when she witnessed him it, it was simply too much for her to take. When Tae became one with the Force, so did Elora.

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