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Working with Jedi Knight Ulaha Kore, Eryl managed to secure a dead voxyn and turned it over for dissection and study. The voxyns were found to be clones of genetically altered vornskr from the planet of Myrkr, all spawned from a queen mother, and it soon became clear what the Jedi had to do: find and destroy the queen mother to prevent anymore voxyn from being created, or sit back and watch as packs of the creatures tore through their ranks. A mission was soon formed that would lead the Jedi into the heart of Yuuzhan Vong territory. A team of Jedi Knights would allow themselves to be captured, taken to where the voxyn were created, and then destroy the laboratories and the queen.

The team consisted of seventeen Jedi Knights, led by Jedi Knight Anakin Solo, and preliminary steps for the mission began. It was agreed that Rebel hero, Lando Calrissian, would be the one to turn the Jedi over to the Vong, in a ruse disguised as Lando being a traitor to the Jedi. Eryl and the Jedi team were transported in the Vong ship, the Exquisite Death, and during the transport, the Jedi were bound and tortured. Since the Jedi were prisoners of the Vong, they would have no way to tell where they were in the galaxy. This was where Eryl's part in the mission was important. With her skills in being able to tell her location, it was her job to alert the Jedi when they had entered Myrkr space.

During the transport, Eryl was bound next the Jedi Knight Raynar Thul, and the two drew strength from each other, forming a special bond. When the did enter, the Jedi would attempt to overwhelm their captors, take the ship, and pilot it to the voxyn manufacturing labs. When the ship was close enough the Myrkr, the Jedi broke out of their bonds, and despite the wounds they suffered from the Vong's torture managed to kill the Vong holding them. However, upon reaching Myrkr, it was soon discovered the Jedi's plan was known to the Warmaster who sent forces there to destroy them. Ulaha, having suffered fatal wounds and was slowly dying, volunteered to run a kamikaze flight to the ship that held the voxyn to give the Eryl and the Jedi a chance to make it into the ship, the Baanu Rass.

Once on board, the Jedi found themselves surrounded by voxyn and Yuuzhan Vong at every turn. Fighting bravely on, many Knights fell as the team made their way to the cloning nests. Of the Jedi Knights that fell in battle with the Yuuzhan Vong, Eryl was one of them. In a battle with one of the aliens, Eryl found herself overmatched, and subsequently died in battle. However, Eryl did not die in vain. Although the team took heavy, heavy losses, the goal of destroying the queen was accomplished, and Eryl died a Jedi Knight, becoming one with the Force as a protector of the galaxy.

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