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The Jedi sensed something wrong with the negotiations right from the start, finding themselves trailed by a member of the Red Iaro group and a Ffib priest. The first day of negotiations R'cardo Sooflie IX representing Lannik as current ruler met with Myk'Chur Zug representing the Red Iaro. As the proceedings concluded for the evening, the Jedi found themselves attacked as they left the meeting hall. As it happened, R'cardo's advisor, Hutar, revealed himself to be a traitor and a member of the Red Iaro. Strapped with explosives, Hutar tried to blow himself up along with the Jedi. Even Piell and the Jedi barely managed to escape in a harrowing chase through the middle of a podrace.

Following this attack, Piell and the Jedi realized that the negotiations were simply a ruse to lure the Jedi to Malastare in order to implicate the Lannik ruler in the death of the Jedi giving them an opportunity to seize the throne. Failing this, the Red Iaro's backup plan was to simply attack the prince himself and returned to the meeting hall to find Prince R'cardo being attacked by feral akk dogs. Taking care of the dogs, the Jedi turned to deal with Zug who planned to escape using a jet pack. Unfortunately for Zug, he shared his escape path with an oncoming podracer and was sucked into the engine effectively putting an end to the Red Iaro.

Years after this incident, Even Piell turned to deal with the mounting crises that popped up throughout the galaxy as the Confederacy of Independent Systems created and fanned the flames of a separatist movement. When the separatist movement evolved into the Clone Wars, Even Piell took up his lightsaber in defense of the Republic from the first battle at Geonosis. When Even Piell went missing in action, he was replaced on the Jedi Council by Anakin Skywalker whom he helped elevate to knighthood only a few years before. At the close of the Clone Wars, many Jedi Masters were cut down following the execution of the infamous Order 66. For others like Piell, their ultimate fates remained unknown, but nevertheless lost in the cloud of war.

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