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Everen Ettene

Everen Ettene was a Jedi Master during the Old Republic, during the time of the growing faction of Separatists. Ettene had a student, Halagad Ventor, and together, along with Jedi Master Ludwin Katarkus and respective student, Danyawarra, went as a diplomatic envoy to help settle the Virgillian Civil War, which had been raging for two years.

However, before the Jedi could even begin negotiations between the Virgillian Free Alignment and the Aristocracy, the two warring factions, the Jedi's ship was destroyed, killing Master Ettene, Master Katarkus, and Jedi Knight Danyawarra. Only Ettene's student, Halagad Ventor, survived the attack, and was able to attend the memorial services for his Master and fellow fallen Jedi Knights a month later at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.