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Fin-So-Rowan was a Cerean Jedi Master of the Old Republic. During that time, Fin-So-Rowan and Jedi Master Ivixa Dalbaeth decided that the Republic, had grown complacent in its role as the government of a galactic community. They felt that the Republic and even the Jedi Order in a sense had turned from growing as a community to preserving all that it had established over the centuries following the last great wars. In order to rectify this, Fin-So-Rowan and Ivixa decided that the Republic, as well as the Jedi Order, must return to constantly improving itself, its citizens, exploring the galaxy and making contact with new worlds and cultures.

Petitioning the Jedi Council, Fin-So-Rowan and Ivixa presented a plan to create a mobile training vessel that would also serve as scouting ship. The Council agreed with the two Jedi Master's intentions and construction on the ship soon began. Christening the ship the Chu'unthor, a Cerean word meaning 'academy,' the vessel had many successful missions spreading peace throughout the galaxy and welcoming new cultures and peoples into the Republic.

Fin-So-Rowan and Ivixa had hoped that other vessels like the Chu'unthor would be constructed, the Jedi Council considered the idea, but decided that one such vessel was adequate. Disappointed with this decision, Fin-So-Rowan could however be content with the fact that his and Ivixa's idea was seen to fruition and was successful beyond what they could have imagined.