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Firkrann was one of the Jedi-droids trained by Master Aquinos in the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Not really a droid, Firkrann was a member of a species of living crystal, known as the Shard. Some ambitious Shard with an affinity to the Force learned how to combine their essence with the host body of a droid. This allowed these Shard to explore the galaxy as mobile entities. A number of these Force-sensitive Shard were trained as Jedi Knights and typically took the name of the crystal each used in the construction of its lightsaber. Under the tutelage of Jedi Master Aquinos, Firkrann became a Jedi Knight along with his, for lack of a better term, siblings, Ilum and Luxum. The collection of the Jedi-droids came to be known as the Iron Knights. Shunned by some of their contemporaries, Firkrann and the Iron Knights proved to be just as capable as well as worthy of the title as any other member of the Jedi Order.

Firkrann chose the Firkrann crystal for his lightsaber. Created by the natives of Rafa V, Firkrann crystals were favored by Sith Lords for their effectiveness against enemy droids. For Firkrann to choose this particular crystal for his lightsaber was an interesting choice. As for his host body, the Shard Jedi Knight chose a FLTCH-series security droid. An intimidating sight, the FLTCH-series was designed for combat and usually employed as mercenaries. The choice proved extremely useful at the outbreak of the Clone Wars and the Jedi were deployed into battle. The fact that the Jedi fought against Separatist armies composed almost exclusively of battledroids was particularly convenient for Firkrann considering his lightsaber was designed to combat such enemies.

During the war, Firkrann was dispatched to Xagobah, a world covered in fungi forests. There, Firkrann confronted the Separatist cyborg commander, General Grievous. Grievous possessed a hatred for the Jedi that developed many years before when he was still flesh and blood. As such it was Grievous' personal hobby of slaughtering as many Jedi as possible. In the fungi forests of Xagobah Grievous confronted Firkrann. In the battle that ensued, it was Grievous who proved the victor. Firkrann became one with the Force, one of many Jedi to do so at the hands of General Grievous. Truly an extraordinary consequence of the diversity of life in the galaxy was Firkrann and the opportunity for a living crystal to join the noble ranks of the Jedi.