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Flax'Supt'ai was a purple Duinuogwuin, a star dragon, that resolved herself to live on the planet of Iego among the legendary Diathim and Maelibi, otherwise known as Angels and Demons. An ancient creature more than thirty meters long, Flax'Supt'ai arrived on Iego thousands of years before the formation of the Republic during the Cronese Sweeps just before the rise of Xim the Despot.

It is unknown why Flax'Supt'ai chose to remain on Ieg, especially since Duinuogwuin have the ability to survive the vacuum of space and travel among the stars. Having spent so much time on the light-drenched surface of Iego, Flax'Supt'ai has gone blind. However, as she was Force-sensitive, this did not prevent her from maintaining a home north of what was known as the Boneyard on Iego. Just above this mysterious pile of bones, all shapes and sizes, Flax'Supt'ai lived alone among the rock piles. While many on Iego feared the reclusive Maelibi, Flax'Supt'ai's size and strength made her more than a match for any Demon that might try to attack her.