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Flint Torul

Flint Torul was one of the many Jedi Knights to have fought in the Clone Wars. However, he was one of the few to produce progeny during his time. During Flint's time, the Jedi Order forbade any sort of family contact. Jedi Knights were not allowed to know their parents and marriage was strictly forbidden. Only in rare and exceptional circumstances did a Jedi Knight manage to have children. Flint Torul was one of those lucky few and had a son, also named Flint, who grew up on the planet of Belderone.

Years later, Flint Torul would return to Belderone during the Clone Wars. The Separatists intended to use the planet as a hideout during the war as the planet was fairly remote. General Grievous was put in charge of moving the Separatist leaders to the planet during the height of the war. The arrival of Separatists forces, however, created a tidal wave of refugees fleeing the planet. Flint Torul was one of twenty-seven Jedi Knights that arrived to assist these refugees in their escape. When it was discovered that Grievous planned to move the Separatist leaders to Belderone, an attack was launched in an attempt to capture them all at once.

The attack was led by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his former Padawan, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. Grievous was forced to flee Belderone, but in order to clear a path for his capital ship, the Invisible Hand, he was forced to destroy the fleeing refugee ships killing more than ten thousand citizens of Belderone. Flint Torul was among the twenty-seven other Jedi Knights incinerated when the Invisible Hand opened fire. However, his son, Flint Torul Jr., carried on his legacy as he was Force-sensitive himself. He would prove to be an important player in galactic events during his own time and the time of Luke Skywalker. Despite his own missteps growing up, he eventually became an important leader of Belderone, surely making his father proud.